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Mount Lassen at Sunrise from Anderson, California, Rhonda Road, over looking I-5 exit 667 on to 273, September 7, 2008
Mt Lassen as Sunrise September 7, 2008. Anderson California.

Mt Lassen Sunrise, September 7, 2008 -Anderson, CA
Copyright 2008,

Mount Lassen's silhouette, in the sunrise, taken from home, on September 20, 2005
Mt Lassen Silhouette at Sunrise, from Anderson CA, September 20, 2005

Mt Lassen Sunrise Silhouette, September 20, 2005 - Anderson, CA
Copyright 2005,

Kings Creek Falls, with snow still on the ground, from my day trip to Lassen Park, on June 16, 2004
Kings Creek Falls, Lassen Park, CA, June 16, 2004

Kings Creek Falls, June 16, 2004 - Lassen Park, CA
Copyright 2004,

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How much coffee can one Computer Geek drink???


Are you near Anderson and need a Buzz from your coffee, or need an Italian soda or Smootie? Try The Buzz!


(This is really old, though I think some of the crew still hangs out there)

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(After Joe running the show for 10 years, the Live Show has been discontinued as of April 24, 2011. We have now moved the OnComputers and ICUG chat rooms to the IRC network, and GailLA has posted instructions on how to get mIRC configured to chat with us there.)

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July 15, 2001 * special event * live internet broadcast, an on the road edition of
AlaskaJoe and Sue's On Computers show, and it came to you live from JavaBeanz' house

May 24, 2001 * The move to our own server! Thank you to the crew at for hosting since October of 1998. And Thanks to Curt and the crew at for the Co-Location where the server is now hosted. Yeah Baby! We are Linux Powered now! *


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