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Chelsea's lil' talk ...

    Chelsea's back visiting from college, and she and Hillary are having an intimate mother-daughter talk. Finally, Hillary decides to ask the big question: "Have you been having sex?" "Not according to Dad, I haven't."

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Dance everybody ...

Did you hear about the new dances?

The Lewinsky Waltz - It is all done on your knees

The Clinton Shuffle - Drop your pants around your ankles and run for President  ( p.s. - I actually wrote this one myself )

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Lost and Found ...

Do you know  what Monica found in her pocket?

A wad of Bill's...

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The new Intern ...

Did you hear that Hilary has brought in a new Intern?

Lorena Bobbit

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Happy ...

The First Family and Mr. Gore were flying across the country when Bill spoke up;

"You know, I could throw a $100 bill from the plane and make one person very happy."

Al replies, "I could throw ten $10 bills from the plane and make ten people quite happy."

Hillary chimes in with "I could throw one hundred $1 bills from the plane and make one hundred people happy."

But Chelsea, not to be out done, retorts "I could throw you all out of the plane and make the whole country ecstatic."

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Spelling ...

Did you hear that Dan Quayle won the spelling bee with Bill Clinton and Clarence Thomas?

He was the only one that knew "harass" was one word...

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I assembled this page from jokes I hear or read from allover the place, and the only ones I claim any credit for are my own, and of course they are so bad no one else would claim them anyway.
Last Update: October 27, 1998.